GrabFood and FoodPanda resume operationz

Earlier today, GrabFood and FoodPanda have ceased their operations pursuant to the government-initiated lockdown across the entire Luzon. This afternoon, GrabFood and FoodPanda, announced that they are resuming their operations to help people with their food delivery needs.

“Upon careful assessment of the on-ground situation and after discussions with regulators, we are resuming GrabFood and GrabExpress operations beginning March 17, with a skeletal fleet operating to match allowed restaurant schedules.”

GrabFood, through its fleet of partner-riders, will continue its operations to support food establishments who will remain open. In accordance with government quarantine and safety protocols, they will “exercise strict safety measures such as contactless delivery, temperature checks, increased cleaning frequency of delivery-bags, on top of other measures in cooperation with our partner restaurants.”

FoodPanda, on the other hand, reassured the people that they will be “operating as usual with free delivery on every order.”

Both companies have also appealed to the public to switch to online or cashless payment to reduce physical contact, among other safety precautions.