Ducati monitoring EV tech progress

“Will we produce an electric Ducati soon? No.” That was the statement of Ducati’s VP for Sales, Francesco Milicia last month, when reporters asked whether the Italian firm is going to jump into the electric bandwagon. Most of the big names in the motorcycle manufacturing already have a working EV model or are in the process of producing one.

Just recently, the same question was asked again of Ducati, this time adressed to its CEO, Claudio Domenicali. He says that while it’s true that they are not yet ready to join the EV market, they are “looking closely” at the recent developments in EV technology, particularly in the field of batteries.

“So we are following the evolution of this component with great attention, and at this moment we are evaluating when and at what moment the amount of energy that can be stored in a battery will somehow make a product like a full scale electric motorcycle usable,” said Domenicali.

Domenicali also reiterated what Milicia said a month ago – that given the current technology, no battery or electric motor can give the Ducatisti the riding pleasure they have come to expect from a Ducati motorcycle.

“I am optimistic about the characteristic: if we put aside the weight for a moment, the electric engine is a very sporty engine, so you can certainly make products in line with the characteristics of our brand, which has always been linked to performance and sport. The most relevant dynamic is the timing of introduction,” added the Ducati CEO.

For the next 10 years, at least, Ducatistis will still enjoy much of the power delivered by good ‘ol fashioned, fossil-fuel gulping Ducati.