Grab rider shows that there is no excuse for not studying

Making your mark on this world can be difficult with unfinished education. It's made harder with many jobs and higher salaries requiring higher education.

Though some, through hardwork and dedication, still rise through the ranks in their own field of work. It's not always easy to keep studying while working to support your family. In many cases many are forced to give up education in favor of pursuing work and supporting their families. This leaves them with few worthwhile jobs options for those who did not finish school.

Yesterday, a social media post has showed it's still possible to do both with some dedication. A GrabFood rider snapped a photo of his colleague while parked on the side of the road. It first glance, it may seem like the rider was only browsing Facebook or watching some video on YouTube, but this one was different.

Kaya pala pumarada si paps .. kasi need nya umatend ng online class . Sana matupad mo yung mga pangarap mo ..salute u pre (That’s why he parked his motorcycle, to attend an online class. Hope that you achieve your dreams. Salute!),” said Christian Nuñez, the original uploader of the photo.

The post, which has already been shared more than 62,000 times, shows Ax Valerio attending an online class while juggling orders as a GrabFood rider. He is now on his 3rd year studying BA Communication at Adamson University.

Valerio, during an interview with the Inquirer, said that dropping out from school is not an option. But supporting his family is also important. He needs to help his mother pay the day-to-day bills, especially since his father had a stroke. This doesn't mean Valerio is giving up on his dreams. He has been juggling work and studies in hopes of becoming a film director one day.