KTM reveals plans for more electric bikes, including e-Vitpilen

Just recently, during the Pierer Mobility’s investor presentation, the company revealed that they are planning on adding more electric motorcycle models to its multi brand lineup. Pierer Mobility is the parent company of KTM, Husqvarna, and GAS GAS motorcycle brands which are renowned manufacturers of off-road, adventure, and hyper naked bikes.

Easily the most interesting the announcement of an electric Vitpilen model from Husqvarna.

Electric Husqvarna Vitpilen on the way image

In the presentation, the company showed three new zero-emission products from the company: an enduro-cross mountain bike from GAS GAS which they plan to launch 1Q of 2021; a 4-kW Husqvarna e-scooter that they also plan on launching in 2021, and the Vitpilen electric motorcycle, that is planned to be introduced to the market by 2022.

Electric Husqvarna Vitpilen coming in 2022 image

For now, there is little information about the new electric bikes other than being "in development." We can only assume for now that the Vitpilen electric motorcycle will be more street-oriented than the Husky scooter, and possibly, would share the same platform as the existing Vitpilen 401. Also, it will be powered by a 4 or 10 kW electric motor.

If Husqvarna has already made plans to electrify the Vitpilan line, perhaps an electric Norden might be a possibility too.