Indian video blogger sets bike on fire to copy Ghost Rider

Do not attempt to replicate this. Setting fire to any part of your bike is dangerous

There’s a reason why Ghost Rider’s bike in the movie is lit with CGI flame. To do this in real life is very dangerous.

That didn’t seem to stop an Indian vlogger by the name of Mr. Indian Hacker from attempting it. The vlogger is quite popular in India with some 9M subscribers to prove it. His videos comprise mainly of Mythbuster-style experiments that show odd solutions to common problems.

Watch: Indian vlogger tries to imitate Ghost Rider image

His latest is the Ghost Rider video, wherein he sets a motorcycle’s tires on fire and attempts to ride the bike, just like the Marvel movie of the same name, which in turn was inspired by the Marvel comic.

Watch: Indian vlogger tries to imitate Ghost Rider image

For this stunt, Mr Indian Hacker wrapped the wheels of a Bajaj Pulsar 220 with cloth. The cloth was coated in gasoline. It appears the heat from the engine alone was enough to ignite the gasoline vapors. The wheels quickly burst into flame as soon as the bike started moving.

Quite surprisingly, the trick certainly made it look very similar to the movie, with the tires covered in flames. They even left a tail of fire. Unfortunately, Mr. Hacker and his companion could only ride it for a few meters before the flames became too much to bear.

It’s unfortunate that an amateur “Mythbuster” like Mr. Hacker didn’t quite take any precautions prior to this stunt. He and his companion were not wearing helmets. The burning bike was only put out with buckets of water, and not a fire extinguisher like most experts. Mr. Hacker and his companion did not appear to be wearing any protective clothing. They were quite lucky to get away unscathed as they did.

As cool as the video looks, it’s also quite reckless and dangerous. As such, we can’t stress enough how dangerous this stunt is. It should not be replicated by anyone, anywhere.