We might be seeing a China-built inline-4 renaissance

The Chinese-made motorcycles have really come a long way. Today, they're no longer just the Japanese knock-offs that they were known as. Case in point: the Venturi 500 Adventure Bike from Bristol. We rode the Venturi 500 in the vegetable gardens of Mt. Pulag, rode the BOSS Ironman 1,200-kilometers endurance challenge, and rode it to Tirad Pass in Ilocos and back. If that’s not enough, we also rode it through the jungles of General Nakar, Quezon, to Dingalan, in Aurora – which is just an old mountain logging trail (not even a road) that somehow connects the two Pacific coastal towns at the east side of Luzon.

In short, the Bristol Venturi 500 took a real beating unlike any adventure bike that we’ve had the pleasure of riding here at MotoPinas.com; it is still intact and runs well without any hiccups whatsoever. It’s one tough adventure bike so to speak.

Now, Colove – the same manufacturer behind the development of the Venturi 500 – has reportedly been developing its own 400cc, inline-four engine for both the domestic and export markets, and is expected to be unveiled soon within this year.

More powerful than the Japanese inline-fours

Colove developing 400cc inline fours, more powerful than their Japanese counterpart image

According to reports, the new 400cc, inline-four engine being developed by Colove (China) will not be just another Japanese knock-off but will be a completely new engine developed from the ground up.

For example, versus Yamaha’s FZR400 which churns out about 62 Ps of power (60 Hp), Colove’s 400cc inline-4 will reportedly put out 76 Ps (74 Hp) at 13,500 rpm – which makes it a genuine screamer, too.

Other notable features include a larger bore and shorter stroke (59mm x 36.5mm) and a higher compression ratio of 13.1:1 compared to its 400cc Japanese counterparts.

Will this engine make it to other models?

One of the specialties of Colove, according to sources, is that it provides some OEM parts for other Chinese manufacturers. That being said, it is not a far-fetched reality that this newly-developed engine will find its way across different motorcycle models of different brands, particularly, those that originated from China.

If there’s anything to be excited about, this move by Colove could bring a “400cc inline-4 renaissance” that will flood the streets of inline-4 screamers similar to the late 80s throughout much of the 90s. Also, with the Chinese’s mass production expertise, future expressways-legal motorcycles here in the country could be as affordable as a Honda scooter.