LTO branches may require you to present your vaccination card upon visit

In light of the recent MMDA resolution that urges Metro Manila Local Government Units (LGUs) to enact ordinances that would restrict the movement of unvaccinated individuals, several establishments have begun requiring their patrons to present their vaccination cards upon entry.

Only vaccinated individuals may transact at some LTO branches image

In a recent announcement, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) Manila North District Office and Manila Licensing Center, will be requiring transacting individuals to present their vaccination cards starting January 4, 2022. This is in compliance with JT Centrale Mall’s new policy of allowing entry only to vaccinated individuals.

The LTO reminds the public again to follow the minimum health and safety protocols when transacting with their office and to bring their own ballpen and sanitizers. What may immediately seem like an inconvenience is actually one of the most sound ideas to be implemented.

The LTO is one of the most "populated" government branches, and with the current health crisis, making sure that those who will be serviced have adequate protection will inevitably benefit the greater public. So if you haven't yet, do get your vaccination. And if you already have, make sure you have your vaccination card handy. Just make sure that it's legit and not one that you got from shady places and individuals.