Honda previews electric motorcycle future with EV-Cub Concept

Honda’s innovative display at the 2016 Bangkok International Motor Show was highlighted by its EV-Cub Concept which makes its ASEAN debut. The electric motorcycle concept based on the Honda Super Cub underbone bike is a fusion of timeless design and advanced technology of zero-emission mobility. The EV-Cub Concept made its global debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

Honda EV-Cub concept

With ASEAN cities growing rapidly which comes with the need for increased mobility, the need for zero-emission quiet motor powertrains are seen as a viable solution.

Honda EV-Cub concept collage

"One of the key factors that has made Honda the innovator of the motorcycle industry is that Honda always look forward and always considers every detail of environment. We also have brought the fun to ride to consumers under the concept of 'Power of Fun Project'. We will keep developing technologies which will enhance lifestyles of modern users who seek fun, comfort and environmental-friendliness," said Suchart Arunsaengroj, Director of A.P. Honda Co., Ltd.

Honda EV-Cub concept battery

Powering the electric motor is a lightweight long-range lithium-ion battery that can be easily detached and charged at home. Moreover, the battery was also strategically located at a low position in the middle of the motorcycle to provide for ease of handling with the concept of a lower center of gravity.