The Baby Harley is arriving sooner than expected

Harley-Davidson’s most anticipated model, a 338cc parallel twin street bike, is set to launch in June 2020. This information was released at press conference hosted by Qianjiang, owner of Benelli motorcycles and the official partner of Harley-Davidson for this project entitled, HD350.

338cc Harley-Davidson to launch in June 2020 image

In the past, we’ve shared details of the motorcycle and that its design — as it looks in this drawing — will stay untouched. The long-awaited, Chinese-built “Baby Harley” is expected to debut in June 2020, according to the presentation.

338cc Harley-Davidson to launch in June 2020 image

As we’ve mentioned in the past, this Asia-specific Harley 338 will use a Benelli 338cc twin-cylinder engine, heavily based on the existing Benelli 302S model. The two models are expected to share both an engine and a chassis. Other features such as the bodywork and the suspension will be designed by Harley-Davidson.

Indian media report that the HD338 is then expected to launch in India before the end of 2020. Of course, neither Benelli nor Harley-Davidson in the Philippines have confirmed that the model will be offered locally, however, we are still optimistic that it will.

This model could possibly revive outsiders’ interest in Harley-Davidson and serve as a stepping stone to more mainstream cruiser models.