HD to make new models for emerging Asian markets

In order to stay competitive, more and more companies are downsizing some of their offerings, particularly those intent on making a dent in emerging Asian markets including the Philippines.

Just a few months ago, we've heard that Harley-Davidson was working with Chinese motorcycle giant, Qianjiang (which is also the owner of the Benelli motorcycles), to create a “Baby Harley.” Just a few days ago, the American and Chinese companies have come together for the ceremonial Design Freeze Signing Ceremony to seal both their commitment to the new project dubbed as the HD 350 Project.

The planned new Harley will have a 338cc powerplant. Unfotunately, it won't be a V-twin, but a parellel twin instead. The frame will be based on the current Benelli 302S motorcycle.

This sharing of parts and engines is nothing new as KTM, Bajaj, and Husqvarna have begun to do so to produce more models faster. 

Other details about this new Baby Harley have yet to be announced.

What do you think of the idea of a sub-400cc parallel twin Harley?