Twice the power, half the size

Pioneering ultra-fast energy storage experts, NAWA Technologies, debuted its ground-breaking electric motorbike concept, the NAWA Racer, at CES 2020. Powered by a world-first ‘hybrid’ battery system, the NAWA Racer combines the company’s next-gen ultracapacitors with lithium-ion to bring a step-change in battery performance.

Featuring a world-first in electric powertrains, the NAWA Racer uses a ‘hybrid’ battery which combines NAWA Technologies’ revolutionary ultracapacitors – which offer ten times more power and five times more energy than existing tech – with conventional lithium-ion cells. NAWA Technologies’ hybrid battery system is fully scale-able and can be applied to any EV, including cars.

This hybrid ultracapacitor battery system greatly improves energy efficiency, reduces charging times and extends entire system life. Applicable to any electric vehicle, the efficiency improvements can reduce the size of the lithium-ion battery by up to half, or extend the range by up to double – or a combination in between depending on use.

NAWA debuts hybrid battery e-bike concept at CES 2020 image

Located in NAWA Racer’s top tank area is an arrangement of NAWA Technologies’ own ultracapacitors, known as NAWACap and offering 0.1 kWh, which boost a lithium-ion battery mounted low in the chassis where the internal combustion engine would otherwise be.

Re-using more than 80 percent of the energy captured from regenerative braking, the NAWA Racer uses a much smaller lithium-ion battery than would otherwise be possible: just 9 kWh, around half the size of a conventional electric sports bike’s battery.

The NAWACap pack itself is lightweight too. Combined with the bike’s carbon fiber frame and composite body panels, the NAWA Racer tips the scales at just 150 kg, a weight saving of 25 percent over conventional electric sports bikes.

This lightweight, compact hybrid battery system results in exceptional range. Thanks to its lithium-ion battery, the NAWA Racer can cover 150km on a mixed cycle, including highways. But by capturing so much energy from stop-start riding, releasing it again as acceleration, the NAWA Racer can double its urban range to 300km. The NAWACap pack recharges in just two minutes and the entire battery can be charged to 80 percent in one hour from a home supply. By comparison, Harley-Davidson's LiveWire can travel between 142 to 225 km at most.

As standard, the hub-less rim motor produces 100PS, rocketing the NAWA Racer from 0 to 100 km/h in under three seconds, onto a top speed in excess of 160 km/h. And no matter the charge level of the lithium-ion battery, this acceleration will always be available because of the ultracapacitor’s high power characteristics, which continually maintain response and performance.

NAWA debuts hybrid battery e-bike concept at CES 2020 image

Intended to turn heads as well as offer a ground-breaking electric powertrain, NAWA Racer brings a modern twist to its retro looks with simple, smooth lightweight composite panels, painted aluminum and copper, based on a strong, stiff but light carbon fiber frame. Details such as LED lighting for the headlight and taillight, anodized matte black suspension forks, nubuck leather saddle in vintage camel and a hub-less rim motor complete the striking look.

For the project, NAWA Technologies has been supported by expert design and engineering services provider, Envisage Group, which has worked with NAWA Technologies to develop the design of the NAWA Racer and realize a dynamic demonstrator for CES. Envisage focuses on creating bespoke, perfectly-engineered vehicles and products, with a global reputation for craftmanship, working with the world’s largest and most prestigious OEMs and product manufacturers.

Although simply a vision of an electric motorbike of the future for now, NAWA Racer’s hybrid battery system can be applied to all forms of electric vehicle and the technology could go into production in the very near future.