Yamaha launches new Aerox, phone compatible Nmax

Last week, Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. launched its new smart phone app, Y-Connect. The app is designed to link with specific Yamaha motorcycles to give riders a more detailed look at their bike’s performance and statistics. The app was introduced through a short film, The Link, wherein the idea behind the app and its many functions were explained.

However, last week’s launch only told half the story. While we were introduced to the app, little details were given on what models they could work with. Now Yamaha has provided the answer.

As a follow-up to the Y-Connect launch, Yamaha launches the 2021 Mio Aerox as well as the Y-Connect enabled Nmax.

New Aerox

Yamaha launches Y-Connect enabled 2021 Aerox image

The new Aerox features larger LED headlamps stretching farther up the front fairing. Its turn signals have been moved further down the body. The front leg shield has also been slightly reshaped. Behind is a slimmer, reshaped rear LED taillight. It carries over the hidden grab handles from its predecessor.

To better integrate with Y-Connect, the Aerox gets a new digital instrument cluster. It’s now taller and integrates a real-time fuel consumption meter. It also displays notifications from your phone. RPM bars on both sides to add sporty style. Going through the menus is done with a new toggle switch at the front of the left handlebar, bringing up displays for the fuel gauge, voltmeter, oil trip meter and others. The connected phone, meanwhile, can be charged with a power socket on the left-hand side of the front shield.

Yamaha launches Y-Connect enabled 2021 Aerox image

More additions include a hazard lamp switch on the right handlebar. The keyless start system, dial and unlock buttons have been carried over. So too is the integrated power socket and engine kill switch. The underseat storage offers 24.5-liters, capable of storing a helmet.

Powering the new Aerox is a 155cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with variable valve actuation (VVA) and Blue Core technology. Like all new Yamaha models, the engine block is constructed with Yamaha’s trademarked DiASil (Die-cast Aluminum Silicon) technology and uses forged pistons. It makes 15.4 Ps at 8,000 rpm and 13.9 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm. It also comes with a larger 5.5-liter fuel tank for longer rides.

The new Yamaha Mia Aerox will be offered in two variants: standard and S. Y-Connect is compatible with both variants. The standard Mio Aerox has color choices of Race Blu, Red, Dark Gray, and Black Raven with an SRP of PhP112,900. The Mio Aerox S get the additional exclusive color choice of Black Raven. It will be offered at an SRP of PhP132,900.

Nmax Y-Connect

Yamaha launches Y-Connect enabled 2021 Aerox image

As for the Nmax, Y-Connect compatibility is exclusive to the Nmax ABS model. Besides Y-Connect, it also comes with Traction Control and the Smart Key System. Sword Gray, Icon Gray, and Power Gray are its available colors at an SRP of PhP144,500.

The new Y-Connect enabled models are available at the YZone, all Yamaha RevZones, and 3S shops nationwide.