Yamaha app to link with select new models

Yamaha Philippines wants to strengthen the bond between a rider and his motorcycle with its latest product, the Y-Connect app. Following the footsteps of the Rev Buddy app that takes care of shopping and servicing needs, the Y-Connect app hopes to take things further by giving the rider a closer look into the performance of his motorcycles.

Yamaha showed how they came up with the idea with their original Film, The Link, that can be viewed on their website and social media page.

The Y-Connect app was designed to connect directly with models equipped with Y-Connect. This app is designed to connect your phone to the motorcycle, allowing riders to see notifications for calls and messages on the motorcycle’s instrument panel. It also allows the app to show the motorcycle’s vital information, like status, fuel consumption, last known location, and even offer service reminders.

Yamaha Philippines launches Y-Connect app for motorcycles image

Once connected to the motorcycle, the app starts up with a Revs Dashboard. This screen displays all the data that’s not on the motorcycle panel such as degree of throttle opening, engine rpm, rate of acceleration and an eco-friendly riding indicator.

Another one of its features is the Fuel Consumption Tracker. This lets riders track their fuel consumption and even help plot re-fueling stops for long rides. It also keeps a record of previous logs so you can better plan your next long ride.

If you’re feeling competitive, there’s also global ranking for mileage and eco riding points. Think you’ve got what it takes to beat the world’s best? This function shows how you compare against other riders around the world.

It works with the phone’s GPS to provide Parking Location. The app records your motorcycle’s last known paired location. This allows you to easily locate where you parked, which is useful especially in unfamiliar areas. (*If the machine has been moved after turning off the engine, it cannot be tracked via this function. Pairing remains up to 3 meters and if connected to the internet. During 1st time use, location will be recorded after turning off the motorcycle.)

It lets you know about your motorcycle’s health through Treatment Recommendation. With this function, you can easily check your motorcycle’s oil and battery status, making it easy for you to schedule your next periodical maintenance.

If there’s a problem, you’ll get a Malfunction Notification. This informs you of any electrical malfunction or issues through a notification and an advisory to visit a service center. The diagnostic info for the issue will be sent to your email.

Yamaha Philippines launches Y-Connect app for motorcycles image

It also integrates well with your phone. Once paired, you will receive notifications for calls, texts, messages, and emails right on the dashboard of your motorcycle. For anything urgent you can stop on the side and attend to it.

The Y-Connect app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. For now, Yamaha has not indicated which motorcycles will get the Y-Connect feature. What we’re sure of is that the new Nmax either already has it or will be fitted with it soon. Another model likely to get it will be a new Aerox. There’s a chance it will also be integrated in a wider variety of models like the Mio family and possibly the MT-15 and YZF-R15.

Yamaha Philippines launches Y-Connect app for motorcycles image

We’ll let you know as soon as we get word.