6,400 cupcakes form Yamaha mosaic

Yamaha marks its 64th anniversary this year and is celebrating it in every country the motorcycle brand is present.

Here in the Philippines, Yamaha Motor Philippines (YMPH) brought out all its employees to build a giant Yamaha Day Cupcake Mosaic at the heart of their headquarters in Batangas for an unprecedented display of unity and celebration. The mosaic had 6,400 pieces, one hundred for every year that Yamaha is celebrating. When assembled the cupcakes formed the global logo of Yamaha day. After a photo session, everyone in attendance got to go home with a piece of the milestone.

Yamaha celebrates 64 years of greatness image

This was witnessed by Yamaha Dealers, Government Officials and Media Partners. Also present at this historic gathering were 64 Yamaha Club Riders, who came from different parts of the country who shared the same birthday month with Yamaha, serving as a special treat by the company.

These guests were toured around the facility, particularly the manufacturing facility. Yamaha is currently expanding their manufacturing facility. They target to double their current output of 400,000 units annually to 800,000 units when the improvements are completed in July 2020. With this investment in manufacturing and manpower, due to increasing demand for motorcycles, Yamaha hopes to be able to sell one million motorcycles a year in the near future.

Yamaha celebrates 64 years of greatness image

The celebration continued inside Yamaha’s brand-new distribution center which boasts of 20,000 sq.m. of floor space. It provides storage for 12,500 units.

Yamaha celebrates 64 years of greatness image

Besides the factory and distribution center, Yamaha turned part of its facilities into a showcase that housed Yamaha’s Global Standard of Kando creating machines. This display was composed of Yamaha’s motorcycle products, from their very first locally-produced motorcycle in 2007, their one-millionth production motorcycle from 2016, and their whole line up of motorcycles and their variants. Also on display were their recreational Yamaha branded products, like an outboard motor mounted on a large boat, a jetski, and two ATV’s. Yamaha also has high end musical and audio reinforcement products in the form of mixers and speakers, musical instruments like a drum set, Clavinova electric pianos and keyboards, and their high quality guitars. Yamaha’s power products, power generators of different outputs for different uses, were also showcased. 

Yamaha celebrates 64 years of greatness image

Usually a place for work, the employees reveled in the opportunity to have some fun. At the venue, there was a course set out for the Yamaha Safe Riding Science Program (YSRS) and motorcycle test ride. Here, guests and the media would be able to learn the basics of motorcycle riding. For the experienced, they could test Yamaha’s line up of locally available motorcycles.

It became a factory for festivities which included a performance from the face of the Yamaha Mio Aerox155, Matteo Guidicelli. He sang his own rendition of “What’s Up” by 4 non blondes which spurned the crowd to sing in unison. A beautiful sight which was equaled by the allure of special guest, Maureen Wroblewitz. The top model graced the event to a beacon of global Filipino excellence just like the company. TJ Monterde continued that theme for the night when he stepped on stage and sang his newest single “Karera”, which he performed with a live band for the first time ever; an exclusive for Yamaha Day. To end the night, it was a rocking performance from the always entertaining Spongecola.

Yamaha day was more than an event, it was an experience that was full of life and levity. A showcase of togetherness in passion that will always be remembered.