Legal action to follow if not

Motorcycle riding and commuter groups banded together to give Skyway O&M Corporation (SOMCO) a 1-week ultimatum to withdraw their sub-400cc motorcycle ban on both sides of the the stretch of Osmena Highway from Sales Interchange up to Magallanes Interchange or face legal action.

“We're giving you a week to retract this so-called [sub-400cc] ban, or else, face legal action,” said Atty Ariel Inton, of Lawyers for Commuter Safety and Protection. He was also a former LTFRB board member. Atty. Inton added that the stretch of Osmena Highway between Sales Interchange and Magallanes Interchange is a critical thoroughfare, and banning small motorcycles will be a great inconvenience to commuters who utilize motorcycle taxis daily.

Rider groups give Skyway 1 week ultimatum to withdraw sub-400cc ban image

“Can a private corporation dictate the use of public roads?,” asked Angkas Head for Regulatory and Public Affairs, George Royeca. Royeca also lamented that the new sub-400cc ban is “Anti-poor and anti-motorcycle rider.”

The group made clear that their complaint is focused on the open stretch of Sales to Magallanes interchange. It has no argument with restricting motorcycles on the limited access tollways, beyond the Sales interchange.

"In any case, this is not a fight so that we can access the actual tolled area. What we are discussing here is just the stretch between Sales and Magallanes part of Osmena Highway,” said Jobert Bolanos of the Motorcycle Rights Organization.

On July 22, SOMCO started implementing a new sub-400cc ban along Osmena Highway from Sales Interchange up to Magallanes Interchange and back, citing an increase in the number of accidents involving motorcycles along that stretch. The move to enforce the new prohibition was made in the hopes of providing a safer road and reducing accidents. Sub-400cc motorcycles are advised to take alternative routes or risk hefty fines from traffic enforcers.