YART and Petronas reveal limited edition MotoGP R1 replica.

We’ve seen a lot of bikes with Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP liveries. But how often do you see one with Petronas Yamaha livery?

It seems Yamaha Europe and Yamaha Austria Racing Team (YART) have noticed and took it upon themselves to create one. The timing is quite appropriate as the SRT team have proven to be quite a force to beat this season.

Yamaha Austria creates Petronas MotoGP R1 Replica image

The bike, called the SRT YZF-R1 MotoGP Replica, is built on a stock R1, not M1. The special paintwork is done by the same crew that put the livery on the SRT M1 racing motorcycles.

However, besides the lovely livery, there’s also a number of exquisite performance parts installed. By replica, YART also means performance, as such, the upgrades are intended to bring it closer to the level of a MotoGP race bike.

Yamaha Austria creates Petronas MotoGP R1 Replica image

These are upgrades like an Ohlins FRGT front fork, Ohlins TTX monoshock and racing steering damper as well as factory race kit exhaust. A GYTR quick change axle is fitted to the swingarm for rapid quick pit stop wheel changes. There are also racing footrests and adjustable brake and clutch levers by Brembo.

It also has race spec Brembo GP4-RX callipers and T-Drive brake discs. The seven-spoke Marchesini aluminum alloy wheels are fitted with Michelin racing slicks.

Yamaha Austria creates Petronas MotoGP R1 Replica image

A Yamaha racing ECU is supplied along with a quick-action throttle for rapid access to the engine’s redline. A total of 46 Yamaha SRT Replicas will be made, each with its edition number engraved on the triple clamp. This number is special as this bike celebrates the 46th anniversary of Petronas’ inauguration.

Yamaha Austria creates Petronas MotoGP R1 Replica image

When bike brands make replicas, they’re typically limited to just aesthetics, this is one of the few that actually lives up to the replica name even in performance. Just like the race bike, this SRT YZF-R1 is not street legal.

Each customer that buys one will receive a KYT helmet, Petronas Yamaha SRT shirt and a VIP guest pass to a MotoGP round of their choice. To purchase a Yamaha SRT Replica, buyers must register at the YART GYTR website.

As for price, some have joked that it might also be UK£46,000 (PhP2.9M). That sounds about accurate.