HPG chief frustrated over subjective implementation of PD 96

The Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) has been very busy these past couple of weeks implementing the Marcos-era Presidential Decree (PD) 96. To recap, PD 96 prohibits the unlawful use of bells, whistles, sirens, blinkers, or other similar gadgets that produce exceptionally loud or startling sounds, including dome lights, blinkers, and other similar signaling or flashing devices.

Why is it that only small time riders are being apprehended? How about big bikers? image

Unfortunately, during these recent operations of the PNP-HPG, motorists with auxiliary lights, as well as aftermarket horns were subjected to apprehension, and their devices were all confiscated in favor of the government. The PNP-HPG chief was not happy.

During the virtual conference on the Implementation of PD96, RA4136, and other related laws yesterday, January 25, 2022, PNP-HPG chief, PBGen. Rommel Marbil, expressed his frustration over what seems to be a subjective implementation of the law and ordered his men to return the confiscated items back to motorists.

“To be fair to everybody, kasi hindi rin ako natuwa. Bakit yung mga tricycle at motorcycle lang ang hinuli ninyo? Bakit hindi yung big bike (I’m frustrated. Why is it that only tricycles and [small] motorcycles were being apprehended? How about those big bikes [with blinkers]?” said PBGen. Marbil.

PBGen. Marbil further added that since the HPG personnel couldn’t explain themselves about what seems to be a subjective implementation of PD 96, he ordered them to return the confiscated items back to their owners.

But since hindi ninyo ma clear, isauli nyo na yan. Hindi tama yan. And we want to be fair to everybody. Not because nagkamali kami, but because gusto ko mag laban na fair. Fair to everybody.”

Are auxiliary lights prohibited?

Why is it that only small time riders are being apprehended? How about big bikers? image

Actually, there are accessories that can be installed on a motorcycle or any vehicle that is allowed under existing guidelines from the Land Transportation Office (LTO), among them, the installation and usage of LED lights. To know more, read our 2019 story LTO releases simplified guidelines on auxiliary LED lights.

What should I do if my auxiliary/LED lights were confiscated by law enforcement officers?

If your LED lights were confiscated, the first course of action is NOT to argue with the law enforcement officer and be respectful at all times. Take a picture and make sure that the apprehending officer issues a corresponding ticket that says they have confiscated your LED lights with all the pertinent details about your property. Visit the LTO office where the apprehending officers are stationed and look for their Law Enforcement and Traffic Adjudication System office or LETAS. If it is from the PNP-HPG or other LTO-deputized units, please go to their traffic adjudication division for proper contestation of the apprehension.