Civilian motorcycle riders banned from displaying HPG’s logo/seal

The Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) has recently issued a memo to enforce the ban on the civilian use of HPG seals and logos.

According to the memo dated January 13, 2022, all regional chiefs of PNP-HPG are “directed to strictly implement the prohibition on the use and/or wearing of garments displaying the HPG Seal/Logo to all the graduates of the Executive Motorcycle Riding Course (EMCRC), and all other motorcycle riding groups in their respective areas of responsibility.”

Civilian motorcycle riders banned from displaying HPG’s logo/seal image

The PNP-HPG has recently been under fire from netizens after a video of an individual who rode his motorcycle along the EDSA bus lane went viral on social media. The individual who was apprehended by the MMDA, was wearing one of HPG’s logo at the back of his riding jacket; was later revealed to be a civilian

“This pertains to the recent incident wherein one motorcycle rider wearing jacket with Master Rider logo at the back of his upper garment was apprehended by MMDA enforcers for passing through the bus lane that is strictly prohibited,” said the memo.

The memo further added, “such glaring violation committed by the said rider depicts abusive and lack of discipline in the eyes of the public which is detrimental to the image of the Highway Patrol Group.”

Prone to abuse by certain individuals

Back in 2019, the PNP-HPG has already issued a memo prohibiting such use of their seals and logos. At the time, then-HPG Director, now PNP Chief, General Dionard Carlos, observed during his visits to different regions of the country that there were many graduates of the MRST course who were “blatantly using or displaying our HPG Seal/Logo” and that it “creates a negative impression to the public or may be prone to abuse on the use of the same”.

These acts are illegal and are in violation of Executive Order No. 279series of 2000 signed by former president, Joseph Estrada.

The memo goes on to reiterate that violations of EO 279 apply to all “accouterments” and not just stickers and patches, including dress, trappings, equipment, details of personal outfits of uniformed PNP personnel, belt, sword hanger, and all objects other than clothes and weapons.