Trials rider, Toni Bou, uses Africa Twin for Trials

Just a few months ago, we tested the new Honda CRF 1100L Africa Twin. Though we’re sure that the bike is a really capable adventurer, we were not sure if it could tackle obstacles lighter dirt or trials bikes easily handle. Trials champion, Toni Bou, easily proves us wrong.

For those who are not familiar, Honda rider, Toni Bou, is the reigning motorcycle trials world champion. Motorcycle Trials or Observed Trials is a motorcycle sport that puts emphasis on balance; skill; and precision control of the clutch, brakes, and throttle over speed. Competitors in this sport go through pre-designated routes that involve logs, streams, boulders, dump trucks, walls, and basically every imaginable obstacle one could come up with, whether indoor or outdoor.

In the video above, Toni Bou exhibits that, with the right skill set, even a large and heavy adventure bike like the Africa Twin can be tamed. In fact, it can even go over large boulders and logs.

Of course, that’s seasoned veteral Toni Bou at the controls. Us mere mortals will have to practice much more before being able to do that with a light dirt bike, much less a heavy adventure bike like the Afric Twin.