A custom shop in Canada swapped the Mini’s engine for a 200hp Kawasaki ZX-10R engine

The Mini is an iconic British car originally designed and built to address the fuel shortage Britain and most of Europe experienced during the suez Crisis in the 50s. It's so popular it was produced until the 2000s. The brand was acquired by BMW after that, which gave birth to the modern Minis we know today.

Here in the Philippines, the original Mini is perhaps best known as Mr. Bean’s car, where it's often part of the sitcom’s skits. The titular character often does some odd things with the car, like squeeze under parking barriers or driving from a couch (that he just bought but couldn't fit) on the roof.

Watch: this ‘Mr. Bean car’ is powered by a ZX-10R engine image

Fast-forward to today, the boys of custom shop called AMT Machine Shop in Vancouver, Canada, had a wilder idea for the original Mini: swap the Mini’s little, sub-100 hp powerplant for a 200-horsepower Kawasaki ZX-10R engine.

“If you don’t have the earplugs in, you’re gonna get a headache,” said Adam Trinder, owner and the man behind this crazy 1991 Rover Mini. What Adam meant was that, the engine’s sound is so loud, especially if it is revving at 13,000 rpm, anyone who’s driving this Mini should protect their eardrums with earplugs.  

The boys at AMT Machine Shop emptied the engine bay and installed a custom aluminium fuel tank, braking system, and even radiator. At the back, they’ve swapped what used to be the rear seat and boot with a Kawasaki ZX-10R engine, which then powers the rear wheel.

Watch: this ‘Mr. Bean car’ is powered by a ZX-10R engine imageThe ZX-10R's engine is right at the back of the driver and passenger, which also doubles as the car's climate control during the cold months

“The engine and the headers are literally just on the other side of the firewall. There’s a heat shield in there but you still get heat from the engine, which is nice if it’s a cold day,” said Trinder, as he describes what it feels like driving the monster Rover Mini they’ve built.

While there are tons of modifications done on this Rover Mini, some of the more obvious ones are wider wheels for extra grip, rear diffusers, roll bars, bucket seats, custom carbon fiber dash, spoiler and hood; CNC-machined shift knob, and a custom rear window that houses the ram-air mount of the ZX-10R’s engine.

Watch: this ‘Mr. Bean car’ is powered by a ZX-10R engine imageNotice the ram air system peeping at the window

Just by seeing this and being 2-wheel lovers ourselves, wouldn’t it be fun to swap a measly Hyundai i10’s 800cc engine for, say, a Suzuki Hayabusa or a beastly Honda CBR 1000RR engine?