French startup invents pants with airbags

Despite technological advances in motorcycle safety, motorcycle-related accidents still top road crash statistics. The good thing is, more and more riding gear manufacturers are innovating, offering products that could increase the chances of the rider walking away from a crash unscathed.

While most of these riding apparel focus only on the upper body of the rider, one French startup company is now offering riding pants that can be worn on top of a rider’s existing riding pants. They then deploy an airbag system, protecting the legs of the rider in the event of a crash.

According to the video published by the company, CX Air Dynamics, the system works by deploying compressed air within 200 milliseconds from a small canister into four airbags (2 on each leg), while the trigger system is via a strap hooked to the motorcycle.

After the airbags deploy, the air cartridge can be replaced with a new one, allowing the rider to reuse the pants, especially if they deployed accidentally.

The pant’s material is made from durable Cordura and Poron XRD foam. Cordura is commonly used in various motorcycle riding gear for its abrasion and water resistance; as well as its superb breathability. Poron XRD foam, on the other hand, is a special impact-absorbing foam that is flexible but can also absorb up to 90% of the energy during impact.

The CX Air Dynamics airbag pants are slated for retail, with an SRP of around €500 or roughly PhP30,000.