Honda promising strong motorsport support in 2021

Honda announced that the company will be going full-throttle for next year’s motorsports programs. In particular, it will be giving full support to their factory teams from 250cc to the premier leagues.

Noriaki Abe, chief officer for Honda's motorcycle operations, said that while 2020 may not be the best year not only for the company but also for those that compete in the world of motorsports due to the pandemic, Honda will commit itself to premier class racing in 2021. It will go all-out in support of both on-road and off-road, especially for the MotoGP, World Superbike Championship, MXGP, Dakar Rally and Motorcycle Trials series.

He also added that racing has always been vital to Honda’s continued success, as the technologies developed from these competitions make their way to production motorcycles that we use everyday. These improvements not only make these motorcycles faster, but also safer and better than ever before.

To date, Honda has already won 800 Grand Prix championships, which started with its first victorty at the Isle of Man TT more than sixty years ago.