VR46 brand coming to pedal bikes

In the world of motorcycles, Italian rider Valentino Rossi needs no introduction. He’s widely considered as the GOAT (greatest of all time) of motorcycle racing and has 9 Grand Prix World Championships under his belt, 7 of which were won in MotoGP. While he will no longer be in the sport, having announced his retirement from MotoGP racing at the age of 42, his presence will still be felt in the form of his VR46 team, Master Camp riding school and various other paraphernalia.

With his retirement announcement, a lot of VR46 fans asked, “What will The Doctor do after retirement?” One of those could be selling bikes.

Valentino Rossi to have own line of e-MTB image

It is no secret that Rossi’s charisma in and out of the racetrack gained him millions of loyal fans. This has also made him one of the most bankable endorsers in the world. You don't have to look far to see any of his various endorsement deals with some of the world’s top brands, which include motorcycle helmets, riding gear, and even underwear.

The latest product that will bear the VR46 badge will not be a motorcycle, nor a product related to motorcycles. It will be an electronically-assisted mountain bike or e-MTB.

MT Distribution, a mobility specialist, has teamed up with VR46 to create the ultimate e-MTB worthy of Rossi’s name. MT Distribution says that the upcoming e-MTB will come in premium and limited edition trim.

“In VR46 Racing Apparel, we have already embarked on an evolutionary path for some time that will see the birth of projects that have as their objective the creation of performance-oriented products. It had been a long time that we wanted to expand our offer and enter the world of cycling, especially in the off-road sector,” said VR46 CEO, Carlo Alberto Tebaldi.

The VR46 e-MTB will come in two variants: Premium and Limited Edition. The Premium will showcase top-of-the-line components, while the Limited Edition will showcase the same, but boast of exclusive carbon fiber components and a wireless gearbox. It will also be limited to 46 units only, complete with a certificate signed by The Doctor himself.

Other features for both variants include components from Bosch, Sram/ Rock Shox, Fulcrum, Öhlins, Technomousse, Ochain, and Crankbrothers. Both variants will also roll on a 29-inch front wheel and 27.5-inch rear. Fullreveal of the VR46 e-MTB will be at the 2021 EICMA, happening between November 23 to 28.