Driver’s licenses officially revoked

Last week, a video about an illegal street race in Zamboanga was posted on various social media channels. Though likely intended to gain viewers, it went viral for its disregard of the law and the accident at the end.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) Region 9 swiftly went into action, issuing the three riders involved a Show Cause Order. After meeting with the street racers, the LTO office had their driving privileges suspended for the maximum 90 days, while a recommendation for the revocation driver’s licenses was forwarded to LTO chief, Edgar Galvante.

LTO revokes licenses of Zamboanga illegal street racers image

(L-R)  LTO Region 1 Director Atty. Teofilo Guadiz III, LTO Region 9 Director Atty. Aminola " Alex" Abaton,

Ms. Emma Soliven of LTO Traffic Safety Division and LTO chief, Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante


The LTO chief has finally revealed his decision. The LTO has officially revoked their licenses.

In the LTO resolution shared with by LTO Region 9 director, Atty. Alex Abaton, the riders were found to have violated a number of traffic laws, including but not limited to, Section 48 (Reckless Driving) of RA 4136 and improper attachment of motor vehicle license plates.

Improper attachment of a license plate alone is a PHP 5,000 fine, under DOTC (now DOTr) – LTO Joint Administrative Order 2014-01.

“Not a money race”

In their defense during the hearing with the authorities, the respondents denied allegations that there was prize money involved in the illegal street race, and claimed that the race was “solely and primarily because of their pride and ego.”

LTO revokes licenses of Zamboanga illegal street racers image

The vlogger, on the other hand, claimed that he was only in the area to enjoy a nice meal, it just so happened that a race was about to unfold. Due to the nature of his vlog’s content, he decided to film the race by following the riders throughout the course of their illegal street race.

Injured road user

For those who have seen the “uncut” version of the video, you may have noticed that another road user was involved in the mishap when the two riders collided with each other.

According to the respondents, they did indeed collide with another motorist. They have already settled with the victim, who sustained minor injuries. The settlement is why no complaint was filed with the LTO and the PNP.

Driving is a privilege, not a right

The LTO reaffirms that driving is a privilege that is granted and not a right. “There exists no absolute right to drive. On the contrary, this privilege is heavily regulated.”

Improper persons to operate a motor vehicle

LTO revokes licenses of Zamboanga illegal street racers image

Because of the severity of their acts, which was confirmed by the uploaded video, the LTO has decided to REVOKE their driver’s licenses effective immediately and meted them with the corresponding fines for their traffic violations.

These motorcycle riders will never be allowed to drive a motor vehicle, ever again.