Cosmo has created sunglasses with HUD for riders

This year, we saw a lot of new big bikes that are packed with lots of electronics and it’s common that these include some sort of smartphone connectivity to manage calls, music, and even navigation.

For small bike riders – those who are riding sub-400cc scooters, underbones, and standard bikes – they just have to make do with the basic technology that their ride manufacturers had to offer.

If you are a techie like a lot of motorcycle riders actually are, this latest creation by French company Cosmo might interest you as it will make your motorcycle, in a way, “advanced”.

Cosmo Connected, which is the same company behind the Cosmo helmet brake lights, now offers the Cosmo Vision HUD (heads up display) glasses.

Basically, the new Cosmo Vision acts like a display built into the sunglasses and can help the wearer navigate his/her way through its turn-by-turn GPS navigation which is supported through Cosmo’s smartphone app.

Since it is connected via the phone’s GPS, the Cosmo Vision also works in conjunction with Cosmo’s helmet brake light and will automatically let the driver behind know your intention to turn left or right by activating its turn signals based on the GPS route.

The right lens will display the speed and the turn-by-turn navigation while the left lens lets the user access the other features through its gesture-based user interface.

The Cosmo Vision is also IP54 waterproof and has a claimed 12-hour battery life. Charging time is as little as 3 hours and has a retail price of US$ 560.00 or about PhP 29,000.00.