TWG cites major violations

The government, represented by the Inter-Agency Technical Working Group (TWG) on the Motorcycle Taxi Pilot Run Study, through a press release, has recommended the blacklisting of Angkas, from applying and operating as a motorcycle taxi service provider should a law be enacted amending Republic Act 4136 and other related laws that will allow motorcycles to serve as public utility vehicles.

Citing grave violations of Angkas as the reasons for blacklisting, including operating in localities outside of the designated Metro Manila and Metro Cebu areas, the TWG has also revealed that the DBDOYC – the company that operates Angkas, is in fact a 99.996% foreign-owned company, according to records from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which is in violation of current Philippine Laws on business ownership.

“Angkas also did not disclose to the riding public that DBDOYC, its registered corporation name, is 99 percent foreign-owned, which is in violation of Philippine laws that common carriers should be at least 60 percent owned by Filipino citizens.”

The TWG added that “Records from the Securities and Exchange Commission have revealed that DBDOYC or Angkas is 99.996 percent owned by Angeline Xiwen Tham, a Singaporean, with P9.8 million in subscribed shares. Tham is also listed at the SEC as president of DBDOYC.”

The TWG further added that Angkas, and its incorporators, have blatantly exhibited defiance of mandated guidelines set by the TWG to cover the study and the extended pilot run, and therefore have decided to recommend their blacklisting in accordance with the TWG guidelines.