Doing good deeds one ride at a time

May and June were busy months for Team Suzuki riders as they were filled with charity rides organized to help thousands returning underprivileged students in various parts of Central and Southern Luzon. Suzuki takes pride in the initiative of its riders to spearhead these kinds of activities independently. Charity rides are a customary part of Suzuki Rider clubs' calendars, typically scheduled during back-to-school and Christmas seasons. 

Balik-eskwela charity rides done by various Suzuki Motorcycle Clubs image

A total of 190 riders participated in 7 different charity rides to far-flung towns in the provinces of Laguna, Quezon, Mindoro, Bataan and Zambales serving over 1,100 indigenous and underprivileged students. Through the Suzuki Helps, Aids and Rebuilds (SHARE) program, Suzuki Philippines contributed drawstring bags, notebooks and pencils for the upcoming school year. The Suzuki rider clubs also donated additional school supplies, books and uniforms, even adding snacks and fun games as part of their fellowship activity with the kids, teachers, and parents.

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Sta. Lucia Raider R150 Club at the Munting Kawayan Elementary School in Majayjay, Laguna

The ride started as early as 5 a.m. for the 27 riders of the Sta. Lucia Raider R150 Club heading to Kawayan Elementary School in Majayjay Laguna. Traversing the scenic twisties of Laguna, the riders enjoyed the journey with their Raider R150s. The simple donation of academic and medical supplies left a wide smile on the 250 student beneficiaries. This activity was also made possible in coordination with Kawayan Brgy. Captain, Nicanor Esteban, and Principal, Angelita Vinas.

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Raider R150 Reborn Philippines at ACSUM Elementary School in Sitio Balatero, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro  

It was a different kind of adventure and charity ride for the 64 members of the Raider R150 Reborn Philippines (Reborn PH) NCR, Laguna, Muntinlupa and Mindoro chapters as majority of them crossed a sea for the Mangyans and underprivileged students of the Anastacio Cataquis-Sabina Unison Memorial (ACSUM) Elementary School. Located at the hilltop of Sitio Balatero were 180 students who received the school supplies donated by the team, including the 28 children from the Mangyan Iraya Tribe. They also handed over electric fans for the classrooms. Ensuring that everyone had fun, the riders also hosted a dance showdown, which was gamely participated by the students. 

Raiders of Rizal at Magsaysay Elementary School in Infanta, Quezon  

The back-to-school charity ride continued with the Raiders of Rizal (ROR) this time in Infanta, Quezon. Braving the long, winding zigzags and breathtaking Marilaque road, the team of 17 riders brought with them various school supplies and snacks for the 200 students of Magsaysay Elementary School, led by school Principal Andrew Rodriguez. The following day, the team proceeded to Real, Quezon for another donation turnover to the students of the town.

R150 North Central Riders at the Biaan Aeta Integrated School in Mariveles, Bataan 

Sharing the love up north were the R150 North Central Riders (R150 NCR) in the Biaan Aeta Community in Mariveles, Bataan. Participated by 15 riders, the group assembled early for their day-tour in Bataan. They added school uniforms to their donation. There were 50 Aeta students belonging to the indigenous community in Biaan who received the supplies. Clothes for their families were also distributed during the short program joined by Mariveles Councilor Cecile Fortuna, SK Chairwoman, Cedeline Fortuna, and Tribe Head, Pastor Randy.  

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Suzuki Owners Club at Alao Elementary School in Botolan, Zambales 

Following the charity ride in Mariveles, Bataan, Team Suzuki headed further North for another Aeta community in Botolan, Zambales with the Suzuki Owners Club (SOC) Zambales. Over 90 students of Alao Elementary School receiveds upplies for the coming academic year with their Head Teacher, Jeaneth Doyog. In return, the children did a special dance number for Team Suzuki to show their gratitude.  

Philippine Suzuki Riders Club Laguna at Doongan Ilaya Elementary School in Catanauan, Quezon  

Simultaneously happening with Suzuki Owners Club charity activity was the Philippine Suzuki Riders Club (PSRC) Laguna's ride to the South. Their 37 members traveled 235-kms to help 100 students of Doongan Ilaya Elementary School in Catanauan, Quezon, passing by the renowned Atimonan Zigzag Road. Even with a limited number of teachers in the school, the cooperation between the parents and the club is inspiring. PSRC Laguna gave out snacks to the children and then staged games for both the students, parents, and teachers. The ride was capped with a relaxing night at the nearby beach, serving as the group's bonding activity. 

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Suzuki TROOP at Kinabuhayan Elementary School in Dolores, Quezon 

After the ride in Catanauan, Team Suzuki proceeded to Dolores, Quezon: the entry point into the Mt. Banahaw Protected Sanctuary and Suzuki TROOP's charity activity benefiting 240 students of Kinabuhayan Elementary School. In true Suzuki TROOP fashion, our riders first treated the beneficiaries with a game and then proceeded to the feeding program where they served hearty arroz caldo for everyone to enjoy.

Balik-eskwela charity rides done by various Suzuki Motorcycle Clubs image

This series of charity rides is just a few of those documented by Team Suzuki. Many more are going on around the country under this advocacy that Suzuki riders have committed to. It's definiely something to be proud of as part of a community that works and rides with a heart; one Team Suzuki that Helps, Aids and Rebuilds (SHARE), one Team Suzuki that rides to share.  

If your Suzuki Club is having the same activity or you are planning to do one, please contact Suzuki Club Relations at 09178681079, or send us a PM at