Ducati DesertX proves to be a worthy adventure bike at race

Around the world, races for the different classes of motorcycles take place almost every weekend. In Spain, there is a race called the Spanish Adventure Motorcycling Cup. As the name implies, it is a race where riders of big adventure bikes race against each other for the trophy. And Ducati just won their first official racing trophy for the DesertX, with Juan Noguerol, the champion of the 2022 Spanish Adventure Motorcycling Cup.

Rider onboard the Ducati DesertX wins Spanish Adventure Tourism Cup image

“The course was much more fun winding through trails, narrow tracks, and trial areas where the DesertX is incredible, and the suspension settings and especially its power both engine and braking, allow you to take it very agile. Despite starting from the bottom, I was soon able to catch up, which even allowed me to turn around and help a lost or fallen rider, or even repair a flat tire; that's why politeness, respect, coexistence, and, of course, a good atmosphere are the basic principles of moto-tourism,” said Noguerol.

With the important participation of almost 100 riders, the fourth and last round of the Spanish Trophy took place in Cadiz on Saturday, October 15th. The event combined off-road sections with all kinds of roads, recreational and cultural aspects, and environmental protection, the hallmark of the Spanish Adventure Touring Motorcycling Cup.

The spectacular finale of the race was the lap of honor at the Ángel Nieto Jerez Circuit where the final round of the Spanish Superbike Championship was being held.

Juan Noguerol had to recover from a heavy fall during the prologue stage which fortunately did not damage his Ducati DesertX and he was able to complete the loop of almost 300 km.

Penalized by the reversal of the route, extra kilometers, and the time spent helping to repair the flat tire of a colleague, the Galician rider was unable to win the last race, but he did take the final victory in the Championship, which he was able to celebrate on the podium at the Ángel Nieto Circuit in Jerez.