The Bajaj Maxima Z can be your partner in growing your business

For a lot of small businesses, a pick-up truck like a Toyota Hilux or a van like a Mitsubishi L300 would’ve been their perfect companion in transporting their goods like fruits, vegetables, or even ready-to-wear clothing.

Unfortunately, these types of vehicles don’t come cheap and cost almost the same as a brand-new house.

Like the many Filipino men and women who are at their humble business beginnings, the Torrecmocha family, who hails from Bohol, started with a traditional tricycle to transport their goods from point A to point B. This husband-wife tandem quickly recognized the opportunity of earning more with the right partner in diskarte (hustle). Instead of a million-peso pickup or van like the L300, the Torrecmochas have a much-affordable solution like a multi-purpose three-wheeler that is flexible and durable for their business needs.

Bigger and better tricycle

After 2 years of saving PHP 5.00 and PHP 10.00 coins, the Torrecmochas managed to get their dream multi-purpose three-wheeler partner in their habal-habal and fruit vending livelihood – the Bajaj Maxima Z.

With the Bajaj Maxima Z’s fuel-efficient engine, small business owners like the Torrecmochas can save more of their hard-earned money when compared to using a conventional tricycle.

Additionally, with the Maxima Z’s enclosed body, passengers and products are assured of a safe and dry ride inside, especially during the rainy season. Also, with the Maxima Z’s Flexi-seating advantage of 60:40 or 40:60, it is possible to carry your whole family, supplies, and products – much like a pickup truck or an L300 van.

Riding on steep roads has never been easy because of the Maxima Z’s powerful 236.2cc engine which can handle inclines way better than the older generations of tricycles.

Interested in availing of the Gift of Diskarte? Get your own Bajaj Maxima Z for as low as Php 6,880.00 click this to inquire: