Ducati begins production of MotoE bikes for 2023 racing season

Back in July of last year, Ducati revealed their prototype Panigale-like “e-bike” which is the official bike for the 2023 FIM Enel MotoE World Championship season. Officially designated as the V21L Prototype, this e-bike is capable of producing 150 horsepower and can reach a top speed of 275 kilometers per hour.

A little more than a year after the first test with Michele Pirro at the Misano World Circuit, work has begun on the V21L prototypes. The production of the bikes started in December and the 23 units will be ready by mid-February.

In addition to the 18 bikes that will be raced, 5 spare units will be made available to the organization.

Production of 275kph-capable Ducati e-bikes underway image

According to Ducati, these prototypes are assembled by Ducati MotoE Racing Department technicians with the same process, precision and attention to detail typical of the high craftsmanship used to build a MotoGP bike.

The start of production of the V21L prototypes represents the beginning of a new and important chapter in Ducati's history. For the Bologna-based company, this project was born with the aim of developing skills for its future, maintaining the approach that has always fuelled Ducati's DNA: experimenting with technological solutions in the world of racing and working to ensure that everything developed in this area can then be used on motorbikes destined for enthusiasts all over the world.

“The start of production of the Ducati MotoE is a historic moment for our company, which with this project is thoroughly studying the technologies of the future for the world of motorcycling,” says Ducati CEO, Claudio Domenicali.

Ducati also adds that the V21L “is the MotoGP of electric motorbikes,” combining the electronic technologies and chassis dimensions developed by Ducati Corse with the design process and project management typical of a road bike like the Panigale V4.