Ducati reveals details of V21L prototype

Here in the Philippines, when we talk about electric bikes (e-bikes), the first thing that comes to mind are the lane-hugging, slow-moving trikes which most of the time, are driven by middle age or senior citizen women.

For Ducati, their idea of an “e-bike” is something that is capable of producing 150 horsepower and has a top speed of 275 km/h.

This Ducati ‘e-bike’ has a top speed of 275 km/h image

Dubbed as the “V21L”, in Borgo Panigale identifies Ducati’s first electric motorcycle, a prototype that will be competing in the FIM MotoE World Cup next year, of which the Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer will be a partner as sole supplier with 18 bikes on the track during each race weekend.
The MotoE project has strategic relevance for Ducati since it made it possible to develop expertise for the future while maintaining the approach that has always fuelled the DNA of the Bologna-based manufacturer: experimenting with technological solutions in the world of racing and working to ensure that everything that is developed in this area can then transfer to motorcycles destined for enthusiastic Ducatisti from all over the world.


The V21L tips the scales at 225 kg, which is 12 kg less than the minimum requirements imposed by Dorna and FIM for a bike capable of completing the race distance, and can produce maximum power and torque figures of 150 horsepower (152 Ps) and 140 Nm respectively, which allowed it to reach a speed of 275 km/h on a circuit like Mugello (Italy).

This Ducati ‘e-bike’ has a top speed of 275 km/h image

As for the battery pack which is about half of the V21L’s weight, was designed in a way to follow the bike’s curvature. The battery offers a capacity of 18 kWh with a 20-kW charging socket integrated into the tail. Inside there are 1,152 cylindrical cells of the “21700” type.

The V21L is also equipped with an inverter, which is derived from a high-performance model used in motor racing for electric vehicles, while the motor which weighs 21 kg, was developed by a partner following the technical specifications provided by Ducati. The entire system is based on a voltage of 800V (with a fully charged battery pack) to maximize the output of the electric powertrain and, as a consequence, performance and range.

As with the high-performance electric motor and battery, a special cooling system was used to ensure that the components stay cool even under the harsh conditions of racing. In fact, the V21L can be recharged as soon as it enters the garage and it only takes about 45 minutes to reach 80% of its range.

This Ducati ‘e-bike’ has a top speed of 275 km/h image

The V21L was also made with an abundance of carbon fiber parts, Superleggera-derived Öhlins suspension and many more.

If this goes into production for road use, how much would you think the V21L would retail?