Kamote riders are also prevalent in France

The issue of allowing small displacement motorcycles inside any of the expressways here in Luzon continues to be a controversial one. While it is allowed in Cebu’s CCLEX, a lot of motorists, as well as fellow motorcyclists are against the idea due to one reason: kamote riders.

The term kamote is a general term for those who do not follow traffic rules or are recklessly driving or riding on the road. Apparently, the Philippines is not the only country in the world where kamote riders are a big problem.

10,700-plus kilometers away from Manila, the French police have reported that they have so far confiscated 1,800+ motorcycles from “motorcycle rodeos” who are basically the kamote riders’ counterparts in France. The report also added that these riders, who were mostly racing in the streets, have already caused numerous injuries from other road uses, including that of an innocent 11-year-old girl.

Besides the 1,800+ motorcycles that were seized by French authorities, another 2,200 individuals who were involved in this French-style kamote riding have been arrested in 16,000 police operations since January of this year, with most happening in the capital Paris.

While our own authorities are doing everything they can to put discipline back on the road, especially against kamote riders and drivers, the 16,000 operations by the French authorities to crack down on these unruly riders only mean that our authorities need to push harder and be on the road more often instilling discipline to rid our streets from these undisciplined riders and drivers.