Philippine Red Cross riders undergo training with Honda

Last May 2020, Honda donated 104 motorcycles to the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) to help the latter deliver humanitarian and possibly life-saving services to communities in times of disaster.

Honda trains Red Cross riders image

To make sure that these PRC riders are equipped with the right riding skills, Honda has trained the first batch of these riders at the Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC) near Bicutan in Paranaque.

A total of 13 motorcycle riders from PRC have undergone training from Honda’s expert instructors. The HSDC curriculum tackles bike handling, safety checks, checking surroundings, maneuvering in tight spaces, several more skills essential to riding a motorcycle on Philippine roads.

These riders will then be deployed to areas where PRC’s services will be crucial especially in times of emergencies.  The motorcycles that they will be riding, could possibly be the only link between some communities and civilization in times of crisis.