Peugeot to build P2X on Mahindra Mojo platform

Peugeot cars have been around for a while. Lately, Peugot scooters have been in the news, especially their Metropolis three-wheeler. But would you buy a Peugeot café racer?

Peugeot planning cafe racer and roadster for Asia image

Peugeot seems to think so. The motorcycle brand, now owned by Mahindra, is hoping to expand its scooter lineup with its first backbone bike in 70 years.

The upcoming bike will be based on the P2X Concept exhibited at the brand’s booth at the 2019 EICMA. Mario Minella, president of Peugeot’s Italian distributor, confirmed that a backbone-style motorcycle could be in the firm’s long-term production plans during an interview with an Italian motorcycle site. It’s been given the greenlight likely thanks to Mahindra’s ambitious plans.

Peugeot planning cafe racer and roadster for Asia image

Mahindra plans to use its Mojo motorcycle as a platform, offering the same 296cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine as the powerplant. The executive notes the 300cc engine could spawn 150cc and 500cc derivative engines. Best of all, the bike is destined for Asian markets, not Europe.

Would you consider an Indian-made French motorcycle?