Riders get their own lane at Petron stations

Petron, the country’s largest petroleum retailer, has recently opened up dedicated motorcycle lanes in select gas stations across the country. Petron Corporation is a subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation (SMC), which is also the owner of SMC Cars Asia, the distributor of BMW cars and motorcycles in the country.

“For the convenience and added safety of our motorcycle customers, dedicated lanes are now implemented at select Petron stations. The same will also be implemented in more Petron stations soon!” the announcement said.

Fair or divisive?

Petron opens up ‘MC lane’ in select gas stations image

While the new policy has the safety of motorcycle riders in mind, a lot of motorcycle riders expressed their dismay on social media over the alleged discrimination against motorcycle riders.

One rider said this policy will have riders queuing on the often 1 assigned gasoline pump for motorcycle riders, even though there are other pumps available in the station.

“Even though there are no cars on other pumps, there will be a long queue of motorcycle riders on the dedicated pump for them and these riders will not be allowed to fall in line on those available pumps. Usually, these things would start a heated argument between gas attendants (who are only following policy) and motorcycle riders.”