New electronic clutch introduced by Honda

Honda has recently released a preview of their latest clutch technology that may soon be ca common sight on their motorcycle models. Dubbed by the company as the “E-Clutch”, uses electronic control technology to provide instantaneous, fine-tuned clutch control for optimum performance in situations where the driving force changes, such as starting, shifting gears, and stopping, to achieve smooth starting, shifting gears and stopping more natural than a rider’s manual clutch operation.

Based on the video animation from Honda, the system uses actuators to move the clutch release assembly as a rider would when he or she pulls the clutch lever.

To meet a wide range of rider demands, the clutch can be operated like a normal manual motorcycle gripping the clutch lever, even when the clutch is controlled electronically. This allows the system to be used by more riders of diverse riding experience and skills, who can concentrate on the fun of riding in more comfort.

As the lightweight and compact system can be installed without major changes to existing engine layouts, Honda plans to apply the Honda E-Clutch to its FUN motorcycle models in the future.