MRO: Ban will not reduce accidents or traffic

Last Friday, we have published an article about the upcoming July 22 sub-400cc motorcycle ban along the stretch of Osmena Highway from Sales Interchange in Pasay, up to Senator Gil Puyat Avenue (Buendia) in Makati and back. 

Today, received information from a reliable source at Skyway O&M that the said ban came directly from San Miguel Corp. (SMC) Infrastructure's head of tollways project (SMC Infrastructure is the company that owns Skyway O&M). The new ruling cites the rise of motorcycle-related accidents along the stretch of Osmena Highway from Sales Interchange up to Magallanes and back. Also, according to our source, Skyway O&M has complete jurisdiction over SLEX (both elevated and ground level) from Alabang in Muntinlupa up to the Magallanes interchange in Makati. 

Osmena Highway sub-400cc ban: up to Magallanes and back image

Motorcycle groups to seek a dialogue

Naturally, the move wasn't received well by riders that frequent that route and will now be seeking an alternate route. Motorcycle groups, spearheaded by the Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) will seek audience from the Skyway and SMC management as well as the local government units of Pasay and Makati which will be directly affected by this decision to ban small bikes along Osmena Highway. The MMDA and the Aviation Security Group (AVSEGROUP) will also be invited to the dialogue.

"The volume [of motorcycles rerouted] will affect the traffic and congestion in the areas of Pasong Tamo ext./Pasong Tamo main to Pasay Road and Resorts World/NAIA/Andrews and Tramo. The volume pushed out of SLEX will bring tremendous traffic, gridlocks, carmageddon and motogeddon in these areas...” said MRO.

The MRO also added that “This, in turn, will affect all other vehicles on SLEX that will exit after Magallanes southbound because of the volume trying to get back on Osmeña highway starting from Pasay Road. It will also affect the volume of traffic going past NAIA 3 or heading towards Roxas Blvd." Perhaps the most congested area will be the Sales Villamor rotunda and Sales Pasong Tamo Extension re-route. MRO believes this rerouting scheme will not stop the incidents from happening, merely transferring it elsewhere. 

If this sub-400cc ban will push through, alternative routes could be found on Waze or Google Maps. A more straight-forward rerouting scheme as suggested by Skyway will be to take Pasong Tamo Extension, then turn left at Pasay Road to exit back at Osmena, if coming from West or East Service Roads from Alabang. Since the ban will very much likely to be implemented on the southbound of Osmena from Magallanes to Villamor, it is suggested to take the inner roads of Barangay Bangkal in Makati then EDSA, take Tramo flyover, turn left at Andrews Avenue until reaching West or East Service Roads on the way to Alabang. 

As of press time, Skyway O&M has not yet replied on our inquiry regarding the July 22 sub-400cc ban.