Osmena Highway to apply expressway restrictions

Heads up, fellow riders on sub-400 cc motorcycles: effective July 22, 2019, the stretch of Osmena Highway from Sales Road in Pasay (at the end of both East and West Service Roads) all the way to Senator Gil Puyat (Buendia) Avenue in Makati will be off limits. This new ruling applies the same expressway legal (400cc and above) motorcycles only on the ground level of SLEX (Osmena Highway) in Makati.

This move by the Skyway O&M, the company that manages the SLEX and Skyway, will in effect apply the sub-400 cc rule on Osmena Highway (SLEX) in Makati.

Sub-400 cc ban extended to the stretch of Sales to Manila image

The traffic advisory detailing the new ruling is at Sales Interchange in Pasay.

"Effective July 22, 2019 Motorcycle below 400cc not allowed at Skyway at grade from Sales going to Manila, Makati and Pasay Take Pasong Tamo Extension”

Sub-400 cc ban extended to the stretch of Sales to Manila image

“Skyway at grade” is the portion of Osmena Highway (SLEX) under the elevated Skyway from Sales Road to Gil Puyat Avenue in Makati. The alternate route that was suggested by the Skyway O&M Corporation for sub-400cc riders is to take Pasong Tamo Extension (Chino Roces Avenue Extension) near Gate 3 in Lawton Avenue if going to Makati and Manila. 

Motopinas.com has asked Skyway O&M Corp for clarification but have yet to receive word on the new restriction. Also, it was not clear if the south-bound side of Osmena Highway up to Villamor will be restrictred to motorcycles 400cc and up. Rest assured we will update you as soon as we receive their response.

Sub-400 cc ban extended to the stretch of Sales to Manila image

For the meantime, in case you're headed southbound toward Alabang, and assuming that the sub-400cc ban will also take effect on the stretch of Osmena Highway from Makati to Villamor, we suggest that you take the inner roads of Bangkal Makati then exit at EDSA. From there, take the Tramo flyover then turn left at Andrews Avenue until you reach the West or East Service Road going to Alabang.

When coming from Alabang, headed to Makati or Manila, take the West or East Service Roads, then take the Pasong Tamo Extension until you reach Yakal, turn left and exit back to Osmena Highway. Many other alternate routes can be found with Waze or Google Maps on your smartphone.

Sub-400 cc ban extended to the stretch of Sales to Manila image

Up until recently, Skyway O&M has allowed motorcycles below 400cc in displacement to traverse Osmena Highway (SLEX) Southbound from Quirino Avenue in Manila all the way to Sales Interchange in Pasay. They have also been allowed northbound from Sales Interchange all the way to Quirino Avenue. Since then, it has become a major artery utilized by tens of thousands of motorcycles daily whether for delivery or commuting.