Motorcycle riders sheltering from rain under overpass will be ticketed says MMDA

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has had enough of motorcycle riders blocking traffic as they shelter from downpours and has said that they will begin issuing tickets starting August 1, 2023.

In a recent interview by GMA’s Unang Balita, MMDA Acting Chairman, Atty. Don Artes, said that the agency will give sufficient notice and is targeting August 1 to start apprehending these unruly motorcycle riders.

MMDA to fine riders PHP 1K for obstruction starting August 1 image

“We’re giving sufficient notice because this is a traffic law [obstruction] that we should implement. We’re looking at [ticketing these riders] starting August 1,” said Artes.

Those motorcycle riders who were obstructing traffic because they are taking shelter under an overpass or the like, will be fined PHP 1,000, said the MMDA.

Allowed, but don’t stay for too long

Artes clarified, however, that due to humanitarian reasons, motorcycle riders are allowed to take temporary shelter under an overpass, provided that riders will only do so to wear their raincoats and will not stay for too long impeding the flow of traffic.

“Let me just clarify that we are not prohibiting them from temporarily stopping under the overpass to put on their raincoats. What we are prohibiting them is staying under the overpass for a long period of time,” added Artes.

Aside from causing traffic, motorcycle riders who take shelter under overpasses are at risk of being rear-ended by oncoming vehicles.

Designated rain shelters

Back in 2021, the MMDA designated spaces under some of EDSA’s flyovers as temporary “rain shelters” for motorcycle riders.

MMDA to fine riders PHP 1K for obstruction starting August 1 image

Then-MMDA Chairman, Benhur Abalos, said motorcycle riders will be allowed to stop at the emergency lay-by when it's raining so they do not block the highway while waiting for the rain to stop.

“We understand the plight of motorcycle riders when they have to stop in the middle of the road while waiting for the rain to stop, it’s very risky for them because they might get into a road accident. At least with the emergency lay-by, they can take cover during heavy rains,” said Abalos.

The emergency lay-by has allotted spaces for motorcycles to use – with designated entrance and exit signs.  Abalos reminded motorcyclists that the emergency lay-by is only a rain shelter. MMDA personnel will be assigned at the emergency lay-by to prohibit parking in the area.

Along EDSA, there will be motorcycle rain shelters at GMA Kamuning; Kamias, Santolan/Crame, Ortigas, Buendia, Tramo (left turning) Roxas Boulevard.

Along C5 Road, motorcycle rain shelters are at Tandang Sora, Aurora Boulevard, C5-Libis, Pasig Boulevard, and C5 Kalayaan elevated U-turn along C5 Road.

Along Roxas Boulevard, these shelters are at Roxas Jr. flyover (Delpan St.), Buendia flyover, and Roxas Boulevard-EDSA flyover Seaside Drive.