Corsa Tires showcases model lineup for scooters and underbones

A breathtaking display of power, speed, and elegance was witnessed by the motorcycle world at Corsa Supremacy Unleashed. The highly anticipated event in the motorcycle tire industry took place, bringing together motorcycle enthusiasts, industry leaders, and adrenaline junkies for an unforgettable experience.

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Corsa Supremacy Unleashed, organized by Corsa Tires Philippines, celebrated the ultimate motorbike excellence, with a focus on pushing the boundaries of performance, design, and innovation. Held at Moto Towne, a premier destination for motorcyclists, the event featured an exhilarating lineup of cutting-edge motorcycle tires that dominate in all riding disciplines, whether on the track, on the road, or off-road.

Showcase of Supremacy

Awe-inspiring stunts and a Safety Riding Clinic were witnessed by attendees, showcasing the reliability and durability of Corsa Tires. The demonstrations highlighted how these tires excel in both daily heavy-use riding and daring motorsport activities. From high-speed circuit racing to jaw-dropping off-road riding, Corsa Supremacy Unleashed delivered non-stop excitement for both seasoned enthusiasts and casual spectators.

Corsa Tires Platinum unleashed, introduces brand ambassadors image

“Corsa Tires are proud to be presented at Corsa Supremacy Unleashed. These tire models have been in the country since 2019,” said Benjie Soi, Corsa Philippines. “This official grand launch, Corsa Supremacy Unleashed, symbolizes dominance and authority, where power, precision, and safety combine to dominate our streets.”

Corsa Platinum

Introducing the Corsa Platinum Series, where perfection meets performance. These meticulously designed tires combine the latest technology with a perfect compound material. With stable temperature control, they maximize tire performance and minimize friction against the road. Experience optimal grip, enhanced durability, and extended mileage. Corsa Platinum tires deliver a smooth and controlled ride, allowing you to dominate the streets with confidence. Unleash the perfection of Corsa Platinum and elevate your riding experience to new heights.

The Platinum Series is available to fit in 14-inch up to 17-inch motorcycle rims.

Corsa Elite

Corsa Supremacy Unleashed proudly welcomed the newest brand ambassadors, who testified to the supremacy of Corsa Tires. These Corsa Elites, carefully selected from different walks of life, played a significant role in bringing the audience closer to the world of Corsa.

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AlBelle, Boss G, Boss Karl TV, Fake Moto, Goddess Moto, I Am Jamich, Jan Sy Photo+Blogs, Madamnventure, Moto G, MotoKem, Nars Lagalag, Primera Rekta, Roxanne Ventures, S1rTroy Motovlog, and Stay Breezy Always were chosen for their expertise, knowledge, and love for motorcycles. They serve as perfect advocates for the unrivaled performance and dominance offered by Corsa Tires.

About Corsa Tires Philippines

Corsa Tires Philippines stands as the foremost brand in motorcycle tires in both Indonesia and the Philippines. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, Corsa Tires Philippines is dedicated to providing motorcycle enthusiasts with superior performance and unmatched dominance across diverse terrains.

Corsa Tires Platinum unleashed, introduces brand ambassadors image

By delivering products of the highest quality, Corsa Tires Philippines continually enhances the riding experience, solidifying its position as the go-to brand for motorcycle tire excellence. For more information about Corsa Tires and dealership opportunities, please visit the Corsa Motorcycle Tires Philippines Facebook page.

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