MMDA urges ride hailing firms to sanction their riders who violate traffic rules

The Metropolitan Development Authority (MMDA) has called on ride-hailing firms to penalize partner motorcycle riders who violated traffic rules.

“We urge motorcycle ride-hailing firms to impose administrative sanctions on their partner motorcycle riders who violate traffic rules,” said MMDA Acting Chairman Atty. Don Artes during a recent press briefing in the MMDA Head Office in Pasig City.

MMDA to Angkas, Toktok, etc: penalize your traffic violator riders image

Representatives of Grab, Angkas, Joyride, Toktok, Transportify, Maxim Riders Food Delivery, and Move It attended the meeting. 

According to Artes, motorcycle riders seeking shelter under flyovers are dangerous not only to themselves but to other motorists as well. “Seeking cover from the rain may endanger the riders from being hit by other vehicles and also cause traffic congestion,” said Artes.

In response, representatives from Grab and Joyride said they will remind their drivers to strictly follow rules and regulations.

Earlier, the MMDA announced that they will start penalizing motorcycle riders who are blocking the flow of traffic because they are sheltering from the rain. The MMDA says this strict enforcement of the “obstruction” traffic rule will start on August 1, 2023.

MMDA Riding Academy graduates given priority employment

Moreover, the MMDA sought the support of ride-hailing firms to the MMDA Riding Academy by providing priority employment to those who have completed the training from the agency.

MMDA to Angkas, Toktok, etc: penalize your traffic violator riders image

The MMDA Riding Academy is set to open within the Q3 of this year and will provide riders with formal training on both theoretical and practical aspects of motorcycle riding, as well as basic emergency response training. The academy also aims to provide riders with basic training in handling motorcycles and following road and traffic rules.