Located under the Quezon Avenue flyover

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) earlier today has designated the space under the Quezon Avenue flyover in EDSA as an Emergency Lay-By for Motorcycle Riders during heavy downpours.

MMDA Chairman, Benhur Abalos, said motorcycle riders will be allowed to stop at the emergency lay-by when it's raining so they do not block the highway while waiting for the rain to stop.

“We understand the plight of motorcycle riders when they have to stop in the middle of the road while waiting for the rain to stop, it’s very risky for them because they might get into a road accident. At least with the emergency lay-by, they can take cover during heavy rains,” said Abalos.

The emergency lay-by has allotted spaces for motorcycles to use – with designated entrance and exit signs.  Abalos reminded motorcyclists that the emergency lay-by is only a rain shelter. MMDA personnel will be assigned at the emergency lay-by to prohibit parking in the area. 


MMDA gifts riders

To maximize the benefits of the new shelter for motorcyclists, the MMDA has imposed a couple of simple rules for the use of the emergency lay-by:

1. The area is can only be used when it's raining.

2. Parking your motorcycle for too long or to go somewhere else is not allowed.

3. After the heavy downpour, motorcyclists can stay for no longer than 10 minutes.

4. Park your motorcycles properly so that everyone can be accommodated safely.

5. Keep the emergency lay-by clean at all times.

More ‘silungans’ to come

The MMDA has added that there will be more emergency lay-by's under flyovers specifically for motorcyclists in the pipeline.

In EDSA, Lay-by's will be set up at GMA Kamuning; Kamias, Santolan/Crame, Ortigas, Buendia, Tramo (left turning), Roxas Boulevard

Along C5 Road, lay-by's will be set up at Tandang Sora, Aurora Boulevard, C5-Libis, Pasig Boulevard, C5 Kalayaan elevated U-turn along C5 Road.

Along Roxas Boulevard, lay-by's will be set up at Roxas Jr. flyover (Delpan St.), Buendia flyover, Roxas Boulevard-EDSA flyover Seaside Drive.

Along Alabang Road, lay-by's will be set up at Metro Manila Skyway (toll road) near SLEX South Station toll gate, South Luzon Expressway (toll road) near Alabang Purple Hill.

Along Paranaque-Sucat Road, lay-by's will be set up at and Chapel Road once areas have been cleared of obstructions.

Bring your kapote

This is definitely a good sign that the MMDA has heard the plight of motorcycle riders especially now that we are still in the middle of the pandemic. This, however, is NOT an excuse for you to not bring your rain gear or wear it if the need arises. As motorcycle riders, let us be reminded that it is our responsibility to always be ready for inclement weather.