MMDA looking for mud spill culprit

Earlier this morning, 2 motorcycles got into an accident at the northbound lane of the EDSA-Ayala tunnel. Unfortunately, they met an accident not because of rider error, or because of concrete barriers, but because someone spilled soil on EDSA. Heavy rains in the morning turned it to mud, making the road slippery.

“Heads up guys! Please avoid Ayala Tunnel NB. There is mud on the road dumped by an unknown truck. Two motorcycle accidents have already been recorded,” said EDSA boss, Col. Bong Nebrija on social media.

Not the first time

This is not the first time an incident like this happened. During the wee hours of July 30, 2021, mud was also spilled on EDSA, in the northbound portion of Guadalupe Bridge.

Though there was no reported accident at the time, it prompted the MMDA to close the section to clean up the mess. At first, it was thought that the earlier EDSA mud incident was just an accident. The agency theorized a truck must have spilled some of its cargo when it hit some potholes along the thoroughfare. However, barely a week after the incident, mud has been spilled again in the northbound lane of EDSA. Such an incident is looking more like it was deliberately done.

Have dashcam footage? Send it to the MMDA

To find the culprit, the EDSA boss has shared CCTV footage of the incident with It shows a dump truck that passed through the Ayala northbound tunnel earlier this morning, possibly the one that spilled the soil on the road. From the angle of the camera, it's hard to tell what happened, but it's clear something has caused traffic to slow down.

It’s also hard to determine if this is indeed the truck that dumped soil on EDSA. If you were on the road at that time, and have dashcam/ helmet cam footage, help Col. Nebrija and his team penalize the culprit(s) by sending them your dashcam/ helmet cam footage if you managed to catch it. 

Send footage to the EDSA boss or through MMDA’s official social media page.