MMDA is installing reflectors to make the bus lane barriers more visible

The MMDA has recently moved the bus lane to the right. The new, dedicated lane is exclusively for buses, with private vehicles prohibited from driving here.

Unfortunately, despite the use of large concrete and plastic barriers designed to discourage cars and motorcycles from entering this lane, some still do. Worse still, they sometimes figure in accidents when trying to squeeze through them.

In order to reduce the number of accidents, the MMDA will be installing additional hazard markers onto the barrier to make them more visible. These brightly-colored markers and reflectors are hope to make them even more visible, whether in the day time or at night. These will be placed on top of each barrier to ensure optimum visibility.

“Upon the instruction of Chairman Danilo Lim, I have already directed our Traffic Engineering Center to start the installation of extra hazard markers to supplement the existing ones already in place,” said MMDA General Manager, Jojo Garcia.

One of the most recent accidents involving the barrier occurred last Thursday night. The MMDA said a van traveling northbound along EDSA-Guadalupe overturned after colliding with a concrete barrier. The driver reportedly admitted he was intoxicated and said he did not immediately see the barriers.

Hopefully, the installation of more hazard markers will reduce the number of barrier-related accidents from happening. Or, motorists can just remember not to drive on the left-most lane on EDSA as it is now the bus lane. Motorcycles are not allowed to use the bus lane either. Instead, they can make use of the two rightmost lanes which were previously the yellow lanes exclusively for public utility vehicles (PUVs).