Honda shares safety tips for new riders

With public transportation operating at half its capacity and very few alternatives, many commuters are now looking into riding a motorcycle to work. In this challenging time, the convenience, efficiency, and accessibility of motorcycles has made it one of the top solutions for getting around.

Honda Philippines, Inc., the No. 1 Motorcycle Manufacturer in the country, is anticipating the increase of solo riders on the road. As such, it wishes to provide an easy way for new riders to check that their bike is in proper operating condition.

Road Safety experts from Honda Safety Driving Center list some of the key things you can do to stay safe on the road while observing physical distancing.

Check your motorcycles

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Before riding out, make sure you check your motorcycle properly. Inspecting it before departing may help you spot some problems that may cause trouble down the road.

Before going out to ride, just remember: G.O.T. T.O. B.E. S.A.F.E. 

  • General appearance – Make sure your bike looks good and is in a rideable condition.
  • Oil – Ensure that the engine oil is between the maximum and minimum levels using the engine dipstick.
  • Tires – Check for any cracks, bulges, or signs of wear in the tire tread, as well as pressure or any defects could cause a blowout.
  • Tension of chain – Check the chain if it’s well lubricated. Your motorcycle’s manual will tell you how to check for the proper tension depending on the model.

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  • Operation of controls – Check throttle play. It must snap back after you twist it. Check the clutch lever for the depth of its play.
  • Brake – Check the levers, calipers, and cable conditions. Test both front and rear brakes to ensure these are working properly.
  • Engine –Visually inspect your engine to see any leakage or loose fittings.
  • Side mirror – Clean the mirror surface and adjust to make it is easy to see what’s behind you.
  • Alignment of steering – Twist the handlebar and make sure it turns smoothly. Make sure the handlebar is securely bolted and doesn’t rotate up or down easily.
  • Fuel – Make sure the gasoline cap is closed securely and not leaking.

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  • Electrical / lights – Ensure all electrical-based switches and devices — like the horn and lights — are properly functioning.

Wear the proper protective gear

The law requires that all riders wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. A mask is now required too. Don’t just follow the basic requirements. Going beyond by wearing a complete set of safety gear with gloves, padded jacket with elbow and back support, and knee pads also decrease your likelihood of serious injury.

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Follow traffic rules and guidelines

The past few months have shown how the situation can change quite quickly. Stay up to date with the news and governments, both national and local, as the required documents to bring may change depending on the area and the quarantine in place in the area. To avoid trouble with checkpoints and authorities, bring the necessary documents, such as your license, proof of employment, valid IDs, among others.

Honda Philippines joins the country's fight against COVID-19 as it helps to promote safety protocols, such as physical distancing, through its motorcycles that provide a safe mode of mobility.

Honda: Remember GOTTOBESAFE before riding image

Being a Road Safety Advocate, proven by the existence of Honda Safety Driving Center, Honda Philippines continues to be true to its “One Dream” campaign that envisions fulfilling people’s dreams while experiencing the joy of mobility. Honda hopes to instill a safety mindset and properly educate road discipline and courtesy while driving.