BMW and Marshall announce partnership

BMW Motorrad announces its partnership with renowned sound amplification and musical instrument manufacturer, Marshall, to produce premium sound systems for future BMW motorcycles and its riders, particularly, those in the Heritage line. BMW's Heritage line is made up of the R NineT models and the new R18 cruiser.

BMW heritage line may soon be equipped with Marshall sound systems image

For 60 years, Marshall, originally from Hanwell, London, now based in Bletchley, Milton Keynes (UK), has produced legendary guitar amplifiers used by the world’s best musicians. Since 2012, they have expanded their audio quality into award-winning headphones and active speakers designed for music lovers.

Marshall sound systems to amplify your next BMW motorcycle ride image

Like in the premium sound systems commonly found in cars, this BMW Motorrad-Marshall partnership is expected to produce premium sound systems onboard BMW motorcycles and original accessories and equipment. Though the products will not be launched until July 29, 2021, it is safe to assume that these audio systems will be designed with the driver in mind.

Marshall sound systems to amplify your next BMW motorcycle ride image

We're still not quite sure if they're headphones, earpieces you can fit into your helmet, or specific BMW branded helmets with Marshall audio built-in. Chances are, they can be wirelessly connected to your phone and have the ability to send and receive calls, or listen to turn-by-turn GPS navigation, while riding. We've yet to see if they'll boast of tech like rider-to-rider communication like the Senna or Cardo Systems Comms. And since it's for the heritage line specifically, they'll likely to have a coll retro vibe too.

What we are sure of is that it will definitely have premium sound quality.