Manila wants to prohibit loud exhausts on all types of vehicles

The subject of open pipes (little or no sound deadening) or modified exhaust on motorcycles has always been a hot topic between proponents and opponents.

On one hand, you have those who are for it, arguing the louder sound they generate makes motorists more aware of motorcycles around them, hence making it safer. They also argue that it is legal to sell aftermarket exhausts, hence, the riders can legally install these open or modified exhaust systems on their vehicles.

Those who oppose, on the other hand, argue that these modified mufflers are nothing but a nuisance, adding that these also contribute to noise pollution. Another thing they cite is that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has already specified a 99dB sound limit for exhausts.

Manila soon to have an Anti-muffler ordinance image

For the Nation’s Capital, Manila, a proposed "anti-muffler" city ordinance wants to ban the use of open pipes / modified mufflers. Despite what it sounds like, the author probably means anti loud or open exhaust. A ban on mufflers — a device whose job is to muffle the noise from the engine — would just make vehicles louder.

It just went through its third and final reading. If we’re not mistaken, it’s just awaiting Mayor Isko Moreno’s signature for it to become a city ordinance.

According to Manila councilor, Joel “JTV” Villanueva, Ordinance No. 8145 or the "Anti-Muffler Ordinance," aims to regulate the use of open / modified mufflers and similar devices for ALL types of vehicles, including motorcycles.

Once it becomes a city ordinance, violators will be fined PHP 1,000 for the first offense and removal of the modified muffler or exhaust pipe. For second-time violators, that’s PHP 3,000 plus removal of the modified muffler or exhaust pipe. A third offense will be meted with a PHP 5,000 fine plus removal of the modified muffler or exhaust pipe.

Manila soon to have an Anti-muffler ordinance image

According to councilor Villanueva’s official social media post, Ordinance 8145 was penned in response to his constituents’ complaints over motorists who use open pipes or modified mufflers.

We’ve already reached out to councilor Villanueva’s office for a copy of Ordinance 8145 so that we can share specifics on the ordinance. It's not clear if it's a matter of decibels the exhaust produces or an outright ban on exhaust modification. There isn't much clarification on the “removal” clause either – if it’s just plain removal or removal plus confiscation in favor of the City of Manila. The councilor’s office has yet to respond to our inquiry as of this writing.