Bike boxes integrated

Pasig City hopes to make its streets friendlier to pedestrians and cyclists with the opening of its first example of human-grade infrastructure: the Kapitolyo intersection.

The new infrastructure is located on the Shaw Boulevard-Camino Verde Road-West Capitol Intersection. Created in partnership with Orgtigas Land, the intersection features marked bicycle lanes, PWD-friendly crossings, and even bike boxes at intersections to allow cyclists to cross safely. It opened to the public last Sept. 15, 2021. It can be found at the main entrance of Capitol Commons center.

Keep the green boxes clear: Pasig opens human-grade intersection image

One of the intersection’s most interesting features is the bike box. These green areas just before the pedestrian crossing are reserved for cyclists. The bike boxes provide cyclists a safe space ahead of vehicles to position themselves while waiting at traffic lights. These boxes stretch across all three lanes. Cyclists turning left can filter through traffic and wait at the left side of the box. Cyclists going straight can filter through traffic and wait in the center or right side. Cyclists turning right can filter through traffic and wait at the right most side.

Keep the green boxes clear: Pasig opens human-grade intersection image

The bike box is strictly for cyclists only. Vehicles, including motorcycles, are encouraged to keep the bike box clear and wait behind the box.

The bike box is one of the bicycle lane road markings based on the recommendations of the National Association of City Transport Officials (NACTO) of the US. It’s an association of 86 major north American cities and transit agencies that are working together to establish uniform transportation solutions. You’ll find bike lanes like these in cities like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Washington DC, and many more. We’ve covered what these lines and markings mean HERE.

The bike box is intended to let cyclists get ahead of vehicles in traffic. This makes them very visible to all vehicles and forces other road users to slow down and wait for them to turn and cross in order to avoid accidents with cyclists.

Like in any major road with a bicycle lane, Pasig City says obstruction of bike lanes and bike boxes carry a penalty. Though the city hasn’t specified how much exactly, we recommend you follow their advice and keep the green box clear. Get used to these markings as you’re likely to see many more of these in Pasig City.