LTO seeks cooperation of mc dealers on tracking expired registration

Last week, Land Transportation Office (LTO) chief, Atty. Vigor Mendoza II said that there are at least 8.5 million motorcycles roaming the streets with expired or delinquent registrations.

Now, the agency seeks the cooperation of motorcycle dealers to track their customers who might be skipping the yearly registration renewal requirement of the LTO.

LTO to mc dealers: help us track customers who have expired registration imageMDAP President, Edwin Go


In an interview with, Motorcycle Dealers Association of the Philippines (MDAP) President, Edwin Go, shared that the LTO has sought their assistance with regard to tracking owners who do not renew their motorcycle’s registration. This way, the LTO can pinpoint or narrow down how many delinquent motorcycles are still on the road versus those that are no longer being used.

Go added that Asec. Mendoza will check to see if the agency can mandate the dealers to check on their clients legally with the existing laws. If not, the LTO will ask for their cooperation instead, which the dealers are more than willing to do.

When asked how the dealers would track their clients who do not renew their registrations, Go said that a process would be devised soon by MDAP.

No sticker, No RFID

In the past, law enforcement units could easily identify those who did not renew their motorcycle or vehicle registration with the LTO by simply looking at the plate number with the appropriate year’s sticker.

However, with former President Rodrigo Duterte’s signing of RA 11235 into law, aka “Doble Plaka Law”, the LTO stopped issuing stickers until it was decided whether to use stickers or RFID. Fast forward, the LTO favored the use of RFID stickers in lieu of the old yearly stickers as part of the agency’s move to full digitalization.

The RFID is supposed to make it easier for law enforcement units to check on the vehicle’s details by simply using a scanner which will then display all the appropriate details of the vehicle or motorcycle, including its registration details.

As of this writing, we have yet to see RFID scanners fielded to law enforcement units.