Where and how to apply the sticker

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has recently published a new How-To video on how to install the RFID sticker that comes with the new motorcycle plates. The LTO RFID registration sticker will carry vehicle information that law enforcers can easily access with a special type of scanner/ tool.

Since apps that can read QR codes can be downloaded on most smartphones, an individual may also use his or her phone to read the information on this new LTO RFID tag.

Watch: Here’s how to install LTO RFID sticker or face P5K fine image

These new RFID stickers effectively replace the LTO annual registration sticker that has been discontinued since 2020.

Watch: Here’s how to install LTO RFID sticker or face P5K fine image

Since this is something new to a lot of vehicle owners, as well as motorcycle riders, it’s just natural that its installation can be confusing. Especially since it requires two stickers to be bonded together (QR code/ antenna and chip protector) before finally placing it on the motorcycle's left headlight, facing up.

In the video above, the LTO demonstrates where the RFID sticker should be placed. They also show the proper technique to position the chip protector sticker on top of the QR code/ antenna sticker. We have to admit that the process is quite challenging and may require repeated viewing of the video (maybe even practice with a dummy sticker), before going ahead with the real sticker.

Watch: Here’s how to install LTO RFID sticker or face P5K fine image

If you think that you don’t have the skills or the patience to install the LTO RFID tag, it might be prudent to just let a professional decal installer do the job, just pay them accordingly for their trouble.

Watch: Here’s how to install LTO RFID sticker or face P5K fine image

Tampering with the RFID tag: PhP 5,000 fine

It's very important to get the application of this sticker right. Improper installation falls under the Tampering with the RFID tag and may net you a PhP5,000 fine.

In addition, the LTO prohibits tampering and putting unnecessary accessories on the vehicle’s number plate. This includes the new RFID tag. Though it replaces the plate sticker that bears the year of the vehicle’s registration, YOU SHOULD NOT STICK IT ON THE PLATE.

Tampering; sticking, removing, and re-sticking; or altering this RFID tag could mean a PhP 5,000 fine. That being said, make sure to have this RFID tag installed properly. Putting it in one place then unsticking it to relocate in another area of the motorcycle could result in a broken RFID tag. It is designed to break, in order to prevent transfer to another vehicle as part of its security feature.

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